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Monday, August 3, 2009

I Want: Kart Chair

Whenever I go to the Art Museum, I always head to the Decorate Arts and Design galleries, much to the consternation of anyone with me. Everyone else seems to want to look at classic art (which bores me), modern art (which confuses me), or folk art (which scares me). Me? I love to look at the furniture. The Period Rooms are my favorite, but even though you cannot go in, I know what it feels like to use all of that furniture for the most part. What I really wish could be touched is the contemporary furniture. Those designs look so neat (and I really want to know if they are comfortable). Well, if I can’t touch the stuff at the Art Museum, I could also buy some furniture art of my own, right? What about this Kart Chair from HarBenger Duo? This certainly looks like a work of art (also looks incredibly comfortable).

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