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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Closing Shop?

My original love was bath and body products. I could never have too much or too many lotions, soaps, or scrubs. I belonged to a message board called Makeupalley and being a member of that site created the most intense cravings. I wanted everything. I've had many accounts on that forum for one reason or another.. I used to like to create trouble, so?

I'm a good girl now and it's been gosh, 5-7 years since I actively posted there. It got catty and people like to create trolling accounts for the pure purpose of harassing each other. That's something I'm not typically down with. Someone, on a bash board, once posted that I mail out my candle orders in tampon boxes. Really? Some people have nothing better to do then bring other people down.

I still read Makeupalley on a daily basis. Especially the bath and body board because everyone posts about all the handmade bath and body businesses there. Over there they are referred to as e-tailers and everyone has an acronym. It's sort of confusing at first but after a little while you pick right up.

Well, today I read that so many of my old favorites are closed or going out of business. CherriFlip, who has participated in our boxes, is closing because of the economy. Also, Tickled Pink Scentsations is closing too! I'm so sad about all the closures! Of course, some will say that for everyone closing another is opening but it still upsets me. That was someone's dream! Dreams coming to an end are never good!

Often I'll find myself weeding through my Etsy favorites. You don't even want to know how many pages of favorites I have... There's so many of my old favorites that are closed now and have gone out of business. I cringe.

Basically the moral of this story is that even though the economy is tough and people are hurting people are also still spending money. Start planning ahead for events or if you have that extra $20 bucks laying around. Purchase handmade! Purchase love! Purchase from someone's bread and butter. Handmade is my life. If orders aren't coming in then bills don't get paid. It's what I live for because it's my heart and soul. I firmly believe and stand by the fact that I do NOT need to shop at big brand retail stores any longer because I can find a majority of my needs online with a business that depends on me to survive. I know you can do this too!

Focus on what's really important and not on filling some large corperations pockets. Together we can support everyone handmade. Take a stand.


bowlergrl1 said...

Sad news...very tempted to place an order for some scrubs from Cherriflip.

Vanessa said...

Great post!! So sad that so many businesses are closing.