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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Uniques Stitches

One of my most favorite black box buyers recently wrote me about an Etsy shop that she had made a purchase from called Unique Stitches. She told me all about their wonderful customer service and also about how much she loved her bag. I even got to hear about how people in her place of work were complimenting her all about the bag that she had purchased.

I love hearing all about handmade success stories. I especially love knowing that people are buying handmade and are spreading the word by showing off what they buy and telling people about how important it is to make those handmade purchases.

I had to take a peek at Unique Stitches and I adore the little zipper pouches. These are just perfect for keeping the little things that big hand bags swallow safe. Great fabric choices too!

Thanks for the tip Lisa!


Lisa said...

I am so happy I bought my purse from this shop. It is so pretty (really the pictures don't do it justice!).

Vanessa said...

I love this little pouch...too cute!!