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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Traci*s Collectibles

I don't know about you all but my fridge is covered with some pretty cool magnets that I've collected over the years. Some are even possibly as old as I am. There are some magnets on my fridge that I've also collected since I started The Little Black Box venture that remind me of certain businesses. Such great memories!

At Traci*s Collectibles you can purchase some truly one of a kind magnets for your own fridge. Personally, I'm loving the 1980's style Strawberry Shortcake cereal magnet. Such a great memory! I loved Strawberry Shortcake and had all sorts of Strawberry Shortcake items but never a cool magnet! Thank goodness for this shop!

Take a peek around and see if there's anything else that sparks a memory for you.