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Monday, July 20, 2009

Studio JK

Last year I purchased these amazing vinyl letters to use on teacher's gifts for my twin boys. I created pencil jars as holiday gifts that were custom to them. The jars went over quite well and are as we speak, sitting on the desks of both teachers. I think total I spent $10 dollars each on a jar at Michael's and for the vinyl decal from Studio JK. Now it's a memory of my child in that particular class forever.

Recently I found a set of kitchen labels in the same shop that I think I want too! You get 6 labels for only $15 (jar not included) and you can pick from a list that she has all set up. You even get to pick what color you want the print to be! Help all those in your household see the correct place to put kitchen items away by labeling those containers! Directly apply label to the front of your containers for instant recognition!

I had a blast doing the pencil jars and I get this would be just as easy. Spruce up that kitchen of yours!

1 comment:

Vanessa said...

Your pencil jar is such a great idea! Love the kitchen labels!