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Monday, July 20, 2009


I should never venture into Savor because every single time I do there's something I want. The problem with wanting and needing is that I'm saving for a trip I have to take next week and I don't need the things that I really want to buy!

Take this Nanaimo bar looking soap for instance. It appears to be sold out and I promise that it wasn't me that bought! I pinkie blog swear! I want one of these pretty badly. I'm hoping that she lists more so that I can stare it down and count enough pennies to buy it.

This soap is special! The bottom layer, which represents the graham cracker crust, is an olive oil and shea butter blend combined with ground vanilla bean and ground apricot kernel. The middle layer is a thick spread of shea butter soap. The top is finished with a mouthwatering "chocolate" olive oil soap, representing the way a real Nanaimo bar is coated with chocolate on top.


Vanessa said...

These soaps look yummy!!

Destiny's Creations said...

Savor is amazing! I missed this bar myself as I am also going away next week, but I do need to stop in her store soon!