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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Sailorgirl Jewelry

If you're like me and love whimsical and fun then you'll be head over heels for my latest find.

At Sailorgirl Jewelry you'll find handmade glass pieces that are used as components for amazingly unique jewelry. I like that this shop has some really bright colorful pieces for sale. If you're a pink girl then you'll find something pink but if blue is really where you think it's at then you'll for sure find something blue. Having a variety of colors and pieces really is a good idea.

In particular, I'm little crazy for these electric green granny smith earrings. Each bead is 4 - 8 layers of glass. Around layer 3, the bead is rolled in fine silver leaf, then encased in more glass. When the bead is large it's mashed flat so that the silver disperses. This is what gives the beads the shimmering transparency that will light up a room and bring you oodles of compliments.

I'll rock paper scissor you for them, ok?

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