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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Out Of Town Notice PLUS Contest Info

Hey all!

I will be out of town tomorrow, July 29, 2009 through Tuesday, August 4, 2009. I've been a busy little beaver and wrote all of my blog entries early so that you'll have fresh stuff to read while I'm away. They'll actually be posting early in the morning so check back each morning by 10 a.m. PST. Also, I now have a right hand woman who will be popping in to update the blog with her finds regularly. Her name is Ricki and she introduced herself a few posts back. She has been a customer of The Little Black Box and also a forum moderator for a very long time. Now that the forum is no longer in service I've brought her on board to help with the blog since I have more action here then on the forum. She's a gem and a true handmade lover so embrace her and make her feel welcome.

I will have email access via my Blackberry but I will not be able to access graphics or any files on my PC during this time. I can however make small edits to the website if needed. Any promos that arrive for July during this time will also not be added to the site until I return from my vacation. I gave all participants plenty of notice that today was the last day to get stuff here in order to make it on the site.

Little Black Boxes will still go on sale this Friday however they will not ship from here until the morning of Wednesday August 5th. Please do not be alarmed if you don't get your click and ship notice in a timely matter because of this.

This is a much needed break for me and I hope to return refreshed and ready to rumble for the upcoming holiday season. Have a safe rest of the week and enjoy the companies that I have chose to feature during my time away.

Oh, and comment! All comments made while I'm away will be entered to win a FREE black box when I return. If you happen to make a purchase and end up winning a box you're money will be refunded when I ship.


us3holmes said...

Thanks for the sale at Whiff, it was just the motivation I needed to buy some goodies. I run a cinic in a school and needed somegood stuff to take back to work in a couple weeks.

Vanessa said...

Have a great vacation!

traci*s said...

Hope your having a great time! I can not wait to get my box when you get back :-)

Lisa said...

Hope your enjoying your vacation. :-)

J said...

nope you had a nice and relaxing vacation!

bowlergrl1 said...

Hope you're having a great trip!

Tracy said...

Have a safe trip! :c)