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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Monsterbug Blankets

Once again I've found baby stuff. I got to knock this off! Maybe it's a sign? Then again this morning during my pool workout there were a handful of screaming kids that reminded me that babies are so not the answer.

Guess I'll have to keep showing off all the cool things that I find in hopes that someone reading will fall instantly in love with my find and purchase it before I have the chance to. *cough* *Vanessa* *cough*

At Monsterbug Blankets there's this neato baby blanket made from Alexander Henry's Yui Kokeshi fabric in pink. It's so Gwen Stefani! Even better is that you can have the blanket made in a variety of sizes with the same fabric so I can even have one made for me! Thank Goodness! This is just too cute!

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