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Monday, July 27, 2009

Molecular Muse

I'm a bit of a science geek. Science was my 1st true love before I somehow made my way into the world of handmade. I took loads of science courses in highschool and college and one day long long ago I wanted to major in Geology. Somehow Molecular Biology was my real true love and I submersed myself in that and now here I sit writing about the Molecular Muse.

It's funny how one can go from one extreme to the next but alas I did and now I'm head over heels for this simple shop. The owner, turned artist from scientist. Can't say I blame them. Art is such a beautiful and freeing thing.

My favorite item in the whole shop is the estrogen based molecule earrings. It's only fitting since a majority of the readers are female don't you think? So simple. So femine. I love them!

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