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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Lucky Lucy

I must be hungry this morning because I've been looking at all my food shops this morning. There is truly some mouth watering stuff for sale and I'm pretty sure I finally decided that I must try some chocolates from Lucky Lucy in order to cure this craving.

Both the Butterscotch Caramel truffles and the Key Lime Pie truffles sound so delightful. I'd literally have to flip a coin in order to determine which one of these babies to purchase. I just know that once I got them home though that I'd only get one while the rest of the house hold dives into the box.

Boo to them for being truffle stealers. What would you buy?

1 comment:

bowlergrl1 said...

You want me to pick just one?! LOL They all look so delish...I'd definitely go for the Hazel Nut Truffle & the marshmallow. :)