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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Handmade Highway

Yesterday I had a bit of a networking day. I had a bunch of brand spankin' new black box contributors sign up and I also had massive amounts of fun on Twitter. I have the best followers. I also follow some pretty neato folks too.

Out of nowhere I got an email from Lori, at the Handmade Highway, introducing herself and what she does with her fascinating blog. Basically it's a dynamic directory of handmade sellers giving users 1-click access to handmade shops, products, pictures, location, seller contact info, and availability for wholesale, consignment, bulk discounts, custom work and availability for blog features and giveaways.

In layman's terms, if you're a blog, a sample box business, a wholesaler, or someone looking for a giveaway you can wander over to the Handmade Highway and search based on what you're looking for. No more sending out mass emails! It's like one stop shopping. I love this!

Being listed on the blog is super easy too. Just contact Lori at handmadehighway@gmail.com and she'll give you the exact info on participation and then you're good to go. Yay!

1 comment:

Vanessa said...

Very cool, thanks for the info!