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Monday, July 13, 2009

Epically Epic Soap Co.

Hey all my little zebra lovers! Boy do I have something fun for you!

At Epically Epic Soap Co. yesterday I discovered these epically cool zebra looking olive oil soaps. They are so pretty! I wish I had one in my hands so I could just stare at it. Often I find that soap makers can never truly create a black soap but this one looks just right. It's scented by Sandalwood, Virginian Cedar and Lemongrass pure essential oils which is a bonus for those earthy types!

I should also warn you that there's this delicious looking Neapolitan looking bar that makes my mouth water. It's a lot like Whiff and Sniff Candle's Neapolitan looking scent shooter and I bet is equally as drool worthy.


Tracy said...

Beautiful!! Black is hard to naturally pull off but with the right iron oxide it can be done. This is a gorgeous soap and sounds like it smells divine. Thanks!

Tracy said...

... not to be nitpicky but I just clicked to try to buy one but there is also artificial fragrance in the soaps along with the essential oils. Still gorgeous but bummer for those of us with sensitivities.

Epically Epic Soap Co. said...

Thank you Handmade Guru for the blog feature!

To Tracy, I'd be happy to make this soap scented with 100% essential oil for you, or for anyone.

I fell in love with a particular Sandalwood fragrance oil and usually put in a touch of it, but I certainly don't have to use it for every batch.


Tracy said...

Allison, thank you for being so flexible! I am sure the sandalwood fragrance smells exquisite mixed with the cedar and lemongrass. You've probably already thought of this but what I do with sandalwood or vanilla e.o. is buy it blended with other oils so it is affordable. They are always super strong anyway and do the trick in place of fragrance. http://www.auracacia.com/dspCmnPrd.php?p=p&cn=Sandalwood&ct=anpceope&i=y