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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Drum Chick Designs

Ok all my little creative beings I've got just the thing for you! When I head into Michael's I always wander over to the stamping section. There's hundreds of those stamps but nothing that I ever think is cool enough. Then the more that I think about it the more that I start to wonder what the heck I'd do with a stamp addiction anyhow. I'm not all that creative. I don't even have time to be creative. Still, I do love looking at them and I love all the neat colors of ink you can purchase to go with your pads.

Then I found Drum Chick Designs and now I'm forced into believing that maybe I can afford a stamp addiction. Especially after I saw the breakfast foods and summer fruits collections. Are you a stamper? What do you do with your stamps? Tell me why I need to start investing in these things! Yeah, they are cute but what the heck would I do with them? Shame on me for not being born with that super artistic ability that all of my handmade businesses have.


Vanessa said...

I love love love stamps...I use them for scrapbooks, cards, to make my own wrapping paper, etc.

Happy Stamping :)

Brigitte said...

These are TOO. CUTE! You really did NOT have to show me these. My bank account curses you!

I'd use them to make tags for my products, gift cards, nametags, wrapping paper, greeting cards....ummm....oh! Decorate my packaging, like for soaps and stuff, especially if they're for a gift, but even for just everyday packaging, too.

Candice said...

Hey thanks for the mention of my shop!!!! How cool!

I love rubber stamping, obviously! I love making greeting cards the most, and also scrapbooking. THanks!

Drum Chick Designs