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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Ample Goddess Jewelry

I love me some pink. I especially love pink accessories which is why I think that you'll be pretty supportive of my decision to feature something super pink from Ample Goddess Jewelry.

These Pink Turquoise earrings are seriously cute. Now, you might be asking yourself how in the world is there such thing as pink turquoise? You're right! I actually had to do a little big of Google action to make sure I was educating myself and you correctly. The seller refers to these stones as chalk turquoise which is correct. Chalk turquoise is a softer, lower grade turquoise that must be stabilized before being used in jewelry. When most vendors label a stone as "Chalk turquoise" they mean that it's a dyed simulation of turquoise. Case closed!

There you have it! Total cuteness no matter what they are called!

1 comment:

Ample Goddess Jewelry said...

Well looky looky that is my design. What a lovely surprise to come across. Thank you for doing a feature on me. It is much appreciated.