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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Melissa's Handcrafted Soap

This past month Little Black Box lovers got to sample some extremely wonderful bath and body businesses. There were quite a few samples from soap companies and each one was very different in style. I think I could easily say that they would be no competition to each other either because they sold very different type stuff.

Melissa's Handcrafted Soap on Etsy was one of the businesses that have stood out to me in the past box. The business packed their promos nicely and also allowed their samplers to try a larger piece of soap instead of a small sliver like many bath and body businesses usually do. I always stress to the contributors that the box buyers like a little bit more then 1oz to try and this business really listened.

On top of all the packaging and size hoopla the soaps smelled really nice too. My favorite was Caffeine Buzz scent. I'm very pleased overall and those of you soap gurus should take a gander at the shop to see if anything catches your eye! With only 8 sales under their belt, Melissa's Handcrafted Soap needs some positive feedback!


Debbie said...

I got one of the samples nad it was packaged nice and smelled wonderful. I love handmade soap, it's the best!!!!

Lisa said...

This sample smells great! I can't wait to try it! :-)

Kristen said...

Oh wow that looks yummy!

Vanessa said...

Angel Blossom sounds yummy...great feature!

Itte rashai said...

wow i thought taht it was a candy or something.. nice handy work.. cool!