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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Handmade's Going Out of Business

Bah. I just read that another one of my handmade businesses is going out of business. Not MY business but a handmade one and because it's a handmade one I consider it my love child.

Because of the economy people are having such a trouble and trying time staying afloat. We all are. Believe me, things have slowed to almost a halt on pretty much every front - even for The Little Black Box. People are still ordering. People are still emailing. It's just that those who once purchased are not purchasing now because bills come before luxury items. It's sad.

All I have to say about this subject is that if you are indeed a lover of all things handmade please get out those debit cards and support the businesses you do admire and love. As business owners they aren't going to say just how badly they may or may not be hurting but here I am to tell you that many.. many are. Look to your favorite jewelry, stationery, bath and body business and see if there's something.. even a little something, that you can pick up. A little goes a long way!

Support handmade! Support the little guy! Tell them I sent you.

Viva Handmade!


Ricki said...

I have actually been buying more handmade lately. (Well, probably not more than in the past, but I am buying store-bought less). Also, most of what I do buy in the stores is crafting items so I can make my own handmade item.

wiregems said...

Thanks for saying exactly what I've been thinking! Come on, everybody, just a little somethin'...!

Vanessa said...

Great post! I totally agree with you...support the little guy (or gal)!