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Monday, June 29, 2009

Flutterby Beauty

Well, The Little Black Box got pretty spoiled this month. We had a ton of new businesses join us but I think the one that you'll be most excited to sample will perhaps be Flutterby Beauty.

Two boxes overflowing with sample bags arrived here last Monday, right before my trip to the east coast, and I got to play with some of the stuff that was in the bags. Included for me was also a goody bag containing exactly what the samplers will get but in a larger portion. I can't tell you how excited I was! First, I couldn't find a lotion container that was under 3oz's in my house to bring in my carry on and when I opened the bag to find a lotion in Strawberry Fields I was completely stoked.

My most favorite item in the package was actually the scrub sample in Wakey Wakey. This scent is described as a triple threat of citrus (blood orange, grapefruit, and lime) and tart green apple sweetened with a hint of juicy pineapple that’s sure to get you going in the morning. It's pretty much one of my most favorite new scents. It's just that good. The scrub isn't half bad either. It's totally going to give my other favorite scrub companies a real run for their money. If you're a scrub nut like I am then you'll for sure want to take a peek at this one.

Best part of this whole review is that going on now, 15% off your order plus $5 dollar flat rate shipping. If you're international you'll get $5 off your shipping. Use coupon code: OPENING at checkout for your discount.

Don't miss out on this amazing new bath and body business!


helen said...

I must say that I am not a product junkie like most of you gals, however, after trying Flutterby Beauty I will not pay another dime for department store scents or creams (aside from the face sauce). My favorites are: yuzu, sake & island coconut...the scent list is super overwhelming, but the sizes are perfect (as I get bored with things very quickly).

I'm hoping to get more into handmade scents, but am a little scared of what could happen to my wallet :)


Ricki said...

I hope I get a sample from them. I love smaller sizes as I also get bored easy.

I LOVE YOU said...