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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Bespangled Jewelry

At last summer has arrived. The kids are out of school and things are going scheduled to plan. They are actually swimming around in the pool as we speak thanks for my wonderful mother in law.

With summer here many of us are changing accessories and the colors that we wear. I know I am! Sticking with my less is more attitude, I fell in love today. Bespangled Jewelry has a really amazing necklace that I wouldn't mind wearing around my neck. That's a hint for all you admirers out there!

The colors, to me, represent water which is what my whole summer is surrounded with. It also reminds me back home and being near the beautiful Puget Sound. I adore this! Bespangled Jewelry is also a new Etsy shop so show them some support!


Debbie said...

It would make a beautiful summer addition to your wardrobe. It does remind me of water to, very pretty.

Kristen said...

Bespangled Jewelry has a great shop! Lots of beautiful things there.