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Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Summer is most definitely upon me here in Arizona. Oh my is it ever. According to my blog thermometer it's 99 degrees right now. Yep, HOT! Monday, Wednesday and Friday's I spend an hour and a half in the pool exercising. It's a great workout and I've lost 3 inches in nearly 2 months now. Here in a few weeks when school lets out I'll be in the pool 7 days a week and that's when I really plan on getting some serious workouts.

I saw the coolest vintage shop on Etsy the other day that sold bathing suits and I bookmarked it right away knowing that I had to share it with those of you who are into the vintage movement.

Zwzzy has the craziest bathing suits. I could totally see someone with like Katy Perry flare pulling this off. Me, not so much! The neon colors are so 1980's! Ahh, the good ole' days. Check out this jungle print get up. Cute!


☆Willa☆ said...

that is one pretty swimwear!

Vanessa said...

I hear you on the AZ heat! I'm off to go check out Zwzzy :)

Rosanne said...

Being from your old stomping grounds, Seattle, you know how OUR weather is! I have a hot tub though and I go through a lot of swimsuits. These are really cute! So I am going to check out Zyzzy! I wonder what that means??

Jeweltrinkets said...

So that's where my swimsuit is hiding...so 80's!! Love it!

Debbie said...

Wish I could wear some of those...