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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Wordless Weekend - Lime Green and Hot Pink

Lego adjustable ring by Gr0glmann's Fun Retro Jewelry

Chunk necklace by Strat Designs

Clutch by Fiaz Co.

Felt earrings by Wild Woman Jewelry

Child's daisy headband by The Princess and Me

Crib Sheet by Baby Luxe Organic

Messenger bag by Get Ready, Set, Go!

Cufflinks by Kirsten Perkins Glass Jewelry

Thanks to Charlene Anderson on twitter for giving me this color scheme for my 1st Wordless Weekend entry. I've decided to do these on my "off days" because I hate not doing anything at all but I also want something to do without my readers getting bored. I will start doing one of these each day and then normal blog entries Monday through Friday. Hope you understand!


Debbie said...

That;s a great idea, I look on your blog everyday to see what you have to say and what's new. The colors are fab.

Kristen said...

I love green and pink! I use green, pink, and white as my brand colors for She Felt Pink. :) I just love the earrings on the bottom.

bizzycakes said...

Gr0glmann's shop is AMAZING. I want almost everything!!