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Monday, May 11, 2009

Rainwater Botanicals

Stupid me. I let the twins go off on Friday evening to a friend's house who has a swimming pool. Great for me. Bad for them. I'm obsessed with sun screen and it slipped the mind of the mother that my boys would need it and I picked them up fried as a crisp. I mean super crispy. Crying their little hearts out crispy. It rips at my heart as I watched them endure their first sun burn. I wanted to make it stop but I couldn't. It's been a few days now and even though it's still painful and they are still complaining about it, the burn looks much better. I just need to have them get it in their heads that sunscreen is where it's at.

I searched sunscreen on Etsy curious as to what I might find. I mean, really? Is it safe to purchase something of the sort on Etsy or do businesses purchase mass quantities of store brand sunscreen and alter it? Maybe my readers can answer that for me.

Until then I leave with you this natural sunscreen from Rainwater Bontanicals. It looks like the real deal. Anyone want to be a guinea pig?

Edit: Read comments before purchasing. Looks like you can't sell sunscreen like this. Great idea but not advised!


KPP said...

I'm no B&B expert, but I think sunscreen is regulated differently than regularly B&B products (soap, lotion). To claim an actual SPF and that it really blocks UVB, etc (you know, does something useful), I think you need it have to be able to back it up with some actual tests and what not. I would be pretty skeptical (I did not look at the shop that you posted--don't mean to say anything negative about them or any shop in particular). But I could find an easy google link...so I don't know. I did find some references to making your own sunscreen at home, but again, who wants to be the one to test it out!

KPP said...

To clarify, I could not find an easy google link saying, "You can't sell handmade sunscreen because of FDA law 1243.a.4.c"

Rosanne said...

OUCH!! The poor little guy looks like he is is some awful pain! I still remember my first (and only) trip to Hawaii. I was out in the sun for 15 minutes and I had huge blisters on my chest(looked like extra boobs!!) So, I always wear a lot of protection in the sun now. Live and learn!

Heather said...

Looks like some great products in this shop. Not sure I'd want to take my chances with the sunscreen, though.

Vanessa said...

Ouch sunburns hurt! Good to know about homemade sunscreen.

Debbie said...

This is exactly why I don't sit in the sun, I fry...


Sara said...

You can check the feedback of products and business on etsy anytime. There are more results and positive feedback for this sunscreen and it is stated in the description that an SPF factor cannot legally be claimed, but that does not mean it doesn't work.
Some feedback from our sunscreen:
"I have bought sunscreen before but nothing compares to this. The size is 8oz and I usually pay twice the amount than what you have charged, Thanks. The smell is heavenly, doesn"t compare to any other. It really works as my skin is very, very sensitive to the sun as I take anti-rejection drugs due to a transplant I had recently and I have not burned yet. What an all around fantastic product. I will be back for more. Happy summer from your Canadian customer"

A recipe for food yields delightful handmade goodness in your kitchen that in most cases is better than the mass-produced stuff at the grocery store so why can't hand made toiletries be just as good if not better that the alternative store bought variety?
Give it a try, you may love it!