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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Prince Design UK

It's summer time just about and with summer comes the need for neat serving pieces when guests come over and the sort. You can NEVER have enough bowls and platters. At least I can't. Last summer we spent much time at pool parties and there was always so much food and it seems like I never had the right sized bowl or platter for the food item I was bringing. That is why one must always keep their eye out for something unique and priced reasonably. When you find the perfect piece to add to your collection you just simply buy it up.

I found a piece at Clear Mountain Craft that I wish I could just purchase. I'm shaking my fist at this dang economy. Just because I can't purchase it doesn't mean you can't though! These poppy bowls are just too cute for words. They are glazed in a rich cobalt blue on the exterior and my stunning turquoise on the interior. Where to two color meet it feels like the ocean.

Any bowls from this shop would make such a wonderful addition to your home. Check them out!


Vanessa said...

I think I have a new fave etsy shop!

Buggys said...

those bowls are beautiful! I must admit to having a bowl fetish. I have a double cabinet in my kitchen devoted to my bowls. I might need to own these.

Kristen said...

I just love love love pottery! This is stunning!!! I wish it wasn't so expensive, hehe.