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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Pink Bow Bath Boutique

No, your eyes aren't fooling you. This really truly does smell as good as you think it would!

Pink Bow Bath Boutique hails from sunny Phoenix, Arizona just like me! They are also a staple in the past Little Black Boxes and I know from all the feedback that I heard about them that you love them. You love and I love them just as much. If my bathroom wasn't overflowing with stupid amounts of lotions and creams I would be purchasing almost every week. Someone needs to save me.

The reason I picked Pink Bow Bath Boutique to write about this morning is because I'm so intrigued by their Pink Watermelon Sugar body frosting. Heaven! A Pink Sugar dupe and sour watermelon must smell mouth watering!

Maybe it's time to hop in the ole' Acura and pay a visit to one of my favorite bath and body Indies! If for nothing more then to sniff. I'll bring cash too!


Kristen said...

I absolutely love the packaging! The pink and black are beautiful! I would love to learn how to make bath and beauty products but I imagine it's pretty difficult. :)

KPP said...

Pink Bow has fabulous samples in the LBB! Both the product and the packaging! Top notch. For one thing, I know what the product is, what flavor it is and its easy to use/keep (and I don't have to use it all at once). All great things in a sample (unless its a single use sample, of course).

Debbie said...

I to love the packagaing. Th pink watermelon sounds heavenly.

Jeweltrinkets said...

I must try this, pink sugar watermelon...I'm drooling!!!

Absolutely Small said...

Yay! I looooove Pink Bow's products. Her protein hair mist is the best. (And you can spray it on your pups post bath!)