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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Paper Cakes

I found this bright little twitterer a few weeks ago. The tweets are bubbly and random. The tweets are super silly and full of energy. After I read a few I knew I wanted to be friends with this twitterer. Her name is Chelsea and she's the owner of Paper Cakes over on Etsy.

The thing that stands out to me the most about this fabulous little shop is that everything is mostly the same color - aqua and pink. It's like their thing. It is just so girly and cute. On Paper Cake's blog you'll find a lot of amazing finds as well. The whole thing is put together so well that I really had to share it with you.

Over the weekend Chelsea twittered about upcycling a mirror that she had found at a garage sale and even posted pictures of it. I was in love with it as soon as I saw it! She did such a fantastic job on the mirror. I wish I was crafty like this! I want the mirror so much but it wouldn't go with anything in my house because of it's color. I just have to share it with you guys though because I know someone reading this has a special place in their home for a mirror like this and it would be loved forever.


Vanessa said...

I'm in love with this shop!!

Debbie said...

I love the colors and especially the cuyr diy cupcake kit!!!!

Kristen said...

Yes the color is beautiful! I always want to upcycle things but I'm such a commitment-phobe! LOL

Kristen said...

Oh Debbie, I didn't see the cupcake kit! COOL!