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Friday, May 29, 2009

Designed by RJ

I own a few pairs of earrings from Designed by RJ and I love them so very much. I actually wore my pair of color theory earrings yesterday and that is what reminded me today to take a stop back by the shop to see if there was anything else being offered at this time that I really needed to have.

It was a huge mistake going to take a peek because I pretty much wanted everything I saw, but in particular my heart beats for this blue coin pearl necklace. The blue color just pops right off the screen and makes me want it so badly. Secretly I want it because it'd also look super cute on with my bathing suit!

So much to want and so little money. Dang you economy! I shake my fist at you!


Debbie said...

So simple, yet so CUTE. I totally agree with you. Dang the economy!!!!!

jacjewelry said...

That blue pearl necklace is darling! I love pearls, as you know. :)

Kristen said...

That is a lovely color. I know, I really can't go browsing through Etsy either or I will want everything!