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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Cute As A Buggy

There's a lot of awfully cute handmade childrens clothes on the net. I've found that you really need to search long and hard to find quality though and when you do you better bookmark the shop and act quickly before the item you have your eye on is gone.

My luck was that a great shop landed right in my email today and when I opened the link I was in love with what I saw and wished that one of my twin boys would have been a girl. I didn't say that did I? Ouch!

Cute As A Buggy has the most adorable pink and chocolate dress leaving me to really wish I knew someone with a little girl. Only $15 too! Maybe one of you can find a home for this dress because I can't. I'd hate to have it go to waste!


Jeweltrinkets said...

This is adorable! Love the design!


I don't have any girls neither, but will keep this in mind if I need a girls gift, this is too cute to pass up!!!!

Debbie said...

Such a cute dress.. we just had a new baby girl born in our family in February... will have to purchase something..