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Monday, May 25, 2009


I spent a good 3 or more hours over the weekend on Etsy bookmarking more favorites and I ran across this really neat vintage portable bar set. It immediately reminded me of my three favorite boys in Georgia. These boys know how to drink. They drink day and night it seems and with this handy dandy portable bar set from Collectique they'd even have a better time on their little adventures.

This set is in excellent like new condition, no dents, punctures or wear to the surfaces. It has all the original pieces in a super hard shell case. All the items are held in place with straps that are fastened securely to the case with sturdy metal square pieces. There is no key available but the fastener works good and closes securely.

This is just perfect for that person who is always on the go, not that you should be drinking on the go, but still. I actually laughed as I wrote that in an attempt to make you want it. I just had to write about this crazy thing because it reminded me my boys and how hilarious it would be seeing them towing it around with them.


Kristen said...

haha oh wow! I have several friends that could use this. I think my mother would just die if I carried it around myself, though.

Debbie said...

This could be a nice father's day or even best man's gift.