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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Christen Largent Metalsmith

Sometimes things happen in funny ways. I've been a pretty big fan of the items created by Christen Largent Metalsmith and have favorited many items for the past year and it wasn't until this weekend that I learned that this designer is actually the sister of Kate, from Jon and Kate Plus 8. I almost had a mini heart attack! How fabulous is that?!

She has many numerous comments about it over on the Etsy forums but has since had the moderators remove such comments because of all the drama going on surrounding the family and I'm sure see can appreciate not having any of it rained down on her parade.

The reason why I'm even mentioning the connection is because I think it's important to point out how successful her shop is without having your face plastered all over the place. She isn't using the fact of who her sister is to promote her shop and that's a very cool thing in my book.

Now about this Mother In Any Language pendant? I die!


Debbie said...

Love this necklace, I ould wear it proudly..

Kristen said...

Ohhh! I was wondering who it was that was Kate's sister. That's awesome! :)