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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Catherine Marissa

I found the simplest dainty ring at Catherine Marissa and I think it fits in just perfect here. It's reasonably priced and a perfect small accessory to wear when your looking for a little something to spice up what you're wearing without it looking overwhelming.

I think this sweet custom initial ring is quite beautiful. It's elegant and timeless. I know exactly what letter I'd get on mine but that's a secret! I'd probably wear it daily in order to keep the memory of the person close to my heart.

This is just too cute to pass up. Wait until you see the other goods available. You'll be coming back for more!


Vanessa said...

The initial ring is adorable!

Debbie said...

Love the peace ring, would totally buy that!!!

☆Willa☆ said...

nice peace of ring! :)

Rosanne said...

My niece is graduating in a couple of weeks and she loves all things with the peace sign. I am looking at maybe getting her the ring, pendant and earrings as a gift. She'll love it! Thanks for passing this one on...