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Monday, May 18, 2009

Bubble Tub

For the past few years I've been obsessed with having smooth shiny legs. The secret to my success is using a bath whip or handmade shaving cream from one of our wonderful online etailers to get those legs all spiffy.

I found these really great soap whips at Bubble Tub on Etsy. The packaging is professional and each has really nice labels. I think it's important for handmade businesses to really put some extra TLC into these things. Your products should look like something a person can purchase at a store or spa and in order to do that you must really put some extra added time and effort into packaging. It's important!

I use soap whips just like I would soap but instead I scoop a little bit out of the jar and apply to all the areas that I'm going to shave. You don't have to use these just to shave but I use the product specifically for this.

Lots of great looking products are available at Bubble Tub. Take a peek!


Debbie said...

Handmade shaving cream sounds wonderful....

Vanessa said...

I need to try this! Sounds awesome!

Ricki said...

I love using whipped soap to shave with. It always feels totally indulgent.