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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Mountain Man Creations

I'm really digging peacock feather's lately - at least the ones from peacock's that aren't harmed in the gathering of the feathers. I have to be politically correct and also appreciate the feelings of all my animal lovers here. I would never condone the harm of an animal for the use of a cool accessory.

I especially love all the creations by Mountain Man Creations. This Etsy shop has such a large variety of different bird feather earrings. I originally found this business searching only for peacock feathers but in the end I found so many more types of earrings that are just way too cool! I also like that right in each listing he mentions that all of the feathers used to create the earrings come from reputable fly tying supply companies. He also does not use feathers from endangered or protected species i.e. owls eagles etc.

Now I just need to figure out which pair I want the most!


Rosanne said...

They look like bugs to me. And when I looked at the shop they all look like fishing lures (is that what they are called?) Just not my taste I guess!

Vanessa said...

Very funky!!

Jeweltrinkets said...

These will go great with a indian costume


Cher said...

Those feather earrings are lovely, but I believe those are dyed guinea hen feathers, rather than peacock feathers. I have a pair of guineas, and their feathers make beautiful jewelry, altho I prefer their natural colors. They're also very popular for fly tying. ;)

Debbie said...

Very pretty earrings. Would look nice with anything.