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Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Art Womb

I wish I had a business like The Art Womb when I was pregnant with the twins. It would have been great to look back many years later at what my belly looked like right before I was was due. Alas, I have pictures and that will have to be good enough.

Thankfully in this shop you can purchase everything you need to do your own belly cast! Pregnant belly casts fascinate adults and children alike, whether you choose to hang yours proudly on the wall, or use it as a fruit bowl. Your belly cast will be a lasting reminder of how your body changed - far more than any photograph or video ever could do. Keep it plain, decorate it yourself or commission a personalized decoration - from mural to mosaic, decoupage to metallic, express who you are!

This is just so cool and I'm insanely jealous!


Debbie said...

This is interesting! Not sure if i would have wanted one of myself, but it's cool.

Kristen said...

Whoa that is interesting. A little bit too expensive for me, honestly. Then again, I don't plan on having any children...