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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Qwerty O

I went to the grocery store this morning to pick up stuff for the next few days and I was a bit disappointed with the results. I'm so wasteful! I literally threw away 20 plastic bags and then who knows how many produce bags. Ugh! It's disgusting! It must stop! I need to start moving in a more Eco-Friendly pattern and make a better example of myself for the boys. That is why as soon as my husband is paid on Friday I'm running straight over to Qwerty O on Artfire and purchasing their reuseable produce bags.

Long lasting, transparent, durable and lightweight nylon knit bags perfect for the local farmer's market! Or, great for use at the grocery store in the produce or bulk aisles. Add these to your reusable market bag and come home with NO plastic bags!

These are not made from tulle. They are created from a strong nylon knit. In this listing you get a a set of six bags: 2 Large, 2 Medium and 2 small. Use these bags in the produce aisle, bring home your fruits and veggies and wash them right in the bag. Hang them to dry and use the bags for storage in the fridge! Easy!

Drawstrings tie it all shut. Very see through, very lightweight. Suitable for the bulk aisle. They are completely washable. Wash under tap water if necessary. Rinse and hang to dry over night or, even better, roll in a clean dishtowel and they are instantly dry! Or wash in front loading machine and dry in dryer.

Support Eco-Friendly with me!


bizzycakes said...

This is a great idea! Of all the bags we get from the store those are the ones we never re-use (we have reusable bags already for main groceries, but when we forget we use the plastic ones for garbage bags). I'm tempted to order a few.... :)

Vanessa said...

Love these bags!!

Marlene aka LuckyDog said...

wow, these are awesome, I didn't know they existed!

Jeweltrinkets said...

I have about 4 different shopping bags in my trunk from several stores that I use, these would be a great addition, and taking it a step further in being green.

Molly said...

Brilliant! I have some that are a little different and I need more...now I know where to get them! :)

3 Little Monkeys said...

Hum.. a bag I don't have yet.. Don't tell the hubbie but I gotta get some :)

My fave eco-friendly purchase I have made lately is reusable sandwich bags. These are wonderful for moms that pack their kidos lunches. We use these for everything. The outside has cute prints while the inside is PUL so it is waterproof. it all closes with velcro and even has little pull tabs at the top so even my special needs child can open them himself.

Debbie said...

This is a great idea reduce,recycle,reuse. I am all for it.