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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Morgan Street

A guy friend of mine contacted me on Easter day inquiring about purchasing a box for a girl he's gaga about. What a guy! We chatted for a bit and then he told me that the best handmade soap he's ever purchased or tried he found in Bahrain. Bahrain!? He's Navy and clearly doesn't know that the bestest ever soap can be found right here in the USA. Of course I do have to give him credit for purchasing handmade soap but still, boy does he have a lot to learn.

I started thinking about some of the best looking soap I've ever seen on the net and that's when I was reminded of Morgan Street on Etsy and their fabulous items.

Over at Morgan Street you can pick up 8 bars of your choice for the low price of $35 dollars. Sure, you're thinking you probably don't need to purchase all 8 bars at once but think of how much you spend in a whole year on soaps. Or even think about how wonderful of a gift it would make for someone in your life. These are handmade one of a kind items that were made from love! Any bath and body lover in your life will appreciate them to no end.

All Morgan Street soaps are handmade from scratch using the cold process method of soap making. They contain only the best oils, butters and fragrance or essential oils to soothe and moisturize even the driest skin. They add additional oils to every batch of soap (known as super-fatting) ensuring that you will never get that tight as a drum feeling after using them. Morgan Street soaps contain all their naturally occurring glycerin. Glycerin is so important because it is a humectant, it draws moisture from the air and brings it to your skin where it is much needed – can you say "bye-bye dry skin"?

Hip hip hurray!


Rasberryswrlgirl said...

I'd love to try the parma violet lip balm. Sounds wonderful

Debbie said...

I love handmade soap, it's so pampering and wonderful. Just makes you feel great and special.

Jennifer said...

Their photographs of the soaps are STUNNING. I can only imagine the actual products look even better in person!!!

Homemade soaps are my weakness and these look gorgeous!!

Vanessa said...

These soaps look yummy enough to eat! Great photography as well!

Molly said...

Oh this looks amazing! LOVE handmade soap and bath products...may have to partake! :)