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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Lollipoppe Beauty Shoppe

Those of you that are way into makeup will adore my find for today. The new thing that everyone is doing is mineral makeup or pigments like the ones that MAC carries at department stores and freestanding outlets.

It's been many years since I was a pigment collector and have outgrown the makeup scene in many many ways but I know it's still a very big scene and worthy of a mention here.

I discovered Lollipoppe Beauty Shoppe while viewing the bath and body category on Etsy. The bright vibrant colors jumped out at me and I knew that anyone who was into this type of stuff deserves to know about a business like this.

They currently have 3 collections; Color Shock, Geek Chic, and Soundtrack.

The Color Shock Collection is all about the brights baby. From striking blues to in your face pinks, Color Shock is for all you lovely ladies [and gentlemen!] who love your colors and don't feel the need to keep things subdued.

The Geek Chic Collection is dedicated to all of you nerds who aren't afraid to rock it out with some fabulous makeup. The collection features shades inspired by my favorite video games, cartoons, and everything in between. They're perfect for cosplayers, fanatics, or just casual fans. Long live the geek!

The Soundtrack Collection is about transforming music into color...that you can wear on your face! The shades in the collection are inspired by my favorite songs and musicians. Be it a wild color for a crazy song, or something more mellow for something softer we have it here. Jump in and let's dance baby!


Ricki said...

Wow! These look awesome! I love eyeshadow and these prices are very reasonable. You should see about getting them in the box.

Christine said...

Hey everyone! This is Christine from Lollipoppe. Thank you very much for featuring my shop on your blog, I appreciate it very much.

If anyone here would like a free sample of my pigments feel free convo me on Etsy with the shade you'd like to try and your mailing address.