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Friday, April 3, 2009

Jellybean Apparel

Bun in the oven? Good, keep reading!

I found a lovely husband and wife team specializing in maternity themed t-shirts for the entire family. There's something for every belly!

All shirts come wrapped in tissue and with hang-tags, suitable for gift giving if you're not the one expecting that little bundle of joy. Jellybean Apparel even goes so far as to add a customized note added, no problem, we stamp our own mini gift cards - just let us know and we'll include one.

I actually laughed out loud at the dad shirts. These are super hilarious especially the Pregnancy Support Team ones. I mean, that shirt is crazy funny. You just know that people will want to run over and give you a high five when you're seen supporting that in the company of your super pregnant wife.

There's even a custom due date shirt that fits over that ever growing stomach with a stork carrying a bag and the due date month in it. That's so clever! I wish I would have been able to get my hands on something like this when I was pregnant with the twins. Maybe you even want to sport the obvious with the Knocked Up version. Either way you'll be fashionably rockin' the pregnancy chic look with all the amazing designs available at Jellybean Apparel.

1 comment:

artsalley789 said...

This is great! Just attended a wedding this past weekend for a couple in their late 20's. When baby is along the way....I'd be sure to stop by Jellybean Apparel. Very original & fun!