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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Elephant and Chickpea

Etsy is currently featuring this artist and I'd be a fool if I didn't do the same. I'm in love with the creations that Elephant and Chickpea have to offer and I want to spoil you with some eye candy in hopes that you'll support this business as well.

All of these shoes are made with reclaimed materials (from thrift stores, secondhand shops, the closets of friends and relatives, and even her closet too) and natural fabrics like linen, cotton, wool. Every pair has a unique character and each is a limited edition.

I would have never guessed that these shoes were upcycled! Everything used to create each pair is made from left over items making each pair one of a kind! I'm always looking for something to wear around the house and I think many of us have a no shoe policy when it comes to our own homes and we we have the perfect item!

I'm nuts about the Ginger Ale Mary Jane shoes made from left over Amy Butler fabrics. Too cute!


kimmy said...


these shoes are on my wish list!! i just hearted her etsy shop too!!

Debbie said...

These shoes are really cute. I don't lke running around my house in bare feet, these would be nice to run around in, maybe someday..... All the shoes are really nice looking, any pair would be fun to own.

Vanessa said...

Cute shoes and I love anything made out of Amy Butler fabrics!