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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Colorado Catnip Toys Giveaway

Here kitty kitty!

My cat is quite the fan of this ever growing business and I'm pretty sure that once you get your hands on a cat toy or kitty blanket from Colorado Catnip Toys you'll have to come back for more.

Each catnip toy is made using organic catnip from a health food store that is is stronger and carries an extra added punch. Kitty will adore both it and YOU! Wait, what's catnip? Catnip is mainly known for the behavioral effects they have on cats, particularly domestic cats. When cats sense the bruised leaves or stems of catnip, they may roll over it, paw at it, chew it, lick it, leap about and purr, often salivating copiously. It's really the funniest thing to watch!

Jana, the owner of this wonderful shop, has graciously allowed me to giveaway 2 catnip toys to my blog readers. All you gotta do head over to Colorado Catnip Toys and check out their toy department and then link me to one you love - with your kitties help and if you win Jana will take care of the rest!

There will be two winners picked tonight so stay tuned!


Dippylulu said...

My cat is a hunter and so should set her sights on some of this instead of the real thing!

dolls123 said...

Love the colors


KPP said...

I love Bella The Organic Catnip Butterfly, http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=21899117 (I also love the models!)

Heather said...


I LOVE the purple and black combo! And my Dusty kitty LOOOOOVES catnip!!

Jennifer said...

Hope I am not too late! I just got back from The Land of No Internet (ie: my parent's house!)

My cats would really enjoy ANY toy made with catnip and they think Gilly the Guppy is cute with the little bell!!


--Jen (CatMom to Diesel and Captain)

Heather said...

Who won this?

Debbie said...

Wish I had a cat!!!