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Thursday, April 16, 2009

B Stauff Designs

Every chic woman must have a chic tote bag when heading to the pool or beach during the warm summer months. Stop shopping at your local department stores and start shopping handmade. There's a million designers on sites like Etsy, Artfire, and 1000 Markets that are designing and manufacturing totes that are large enough to carry those towels, sunscreen, hats, books, drinks and sand toys in style.

When you buy handmade you are buying from the future Marc Jacobs, Balenciagas, and Kara Rosses of the world. It's actually very fun to think about it. Start with a small budget and get bigger! We all can't afford 3,000 dollar bags and totes but we can afford high quality handmade bags for $50 dollars!

I love B Stauff Designs because they have the perfect tote for lugging all my pool items around. When you have kids you need a really big bag and I think this blue and green stripe summer bag will do the trick perfectly for us this year.

Think twice!


Heather said...

Wow, there's some amazing things in the B Stauff Designs shop! I love the big bright summer tote...and was eyeing the iPod/cell phone holder...and the embroidered silk clutch is beautiful!

Debbie said...

Well all I have to say is that I am the Queen Bag Lady!!! I love bags can't get enough of them. These are very nice quality and would be nice to own one.

Barb said...

Thanks so much for writing about my tote bag! I was so surprised when I got the google alert for this.

I love what you are doing with your blog and I am now a follower!

tiger said...

I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool.