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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Argh at Computer Issues

So yeah, life is good! Things start picking up speed on the Black Box front and they are flying out the door like hot cakes. Advertisers are seeing that the economy is looking up and they even want to advertise again. Yay for this!

It started on vacation at Disneyland. I go to turn on my laptop and the think keeps looping. Won't even turn on the screen. Fans start up you hear it trying to get going and then it shuts off and turns right back on only to do this over and over for hours. I give up and come back 12 or so hours late and it just pops right on. I was nervous turning it off while we drove home but it roared to life when we got home and all was well - until yesterday afternoon.

I left it unplugged and the battery died. I plugged it in and the loop started all over. I'm SO completely bummed. I have grown so dependent on my computer that when it stopped working I actually started to panic. It's always my email that leaves me in the most panic too. I've basically lost every single business who signed up for the rest of the year. Argh! So unless they just remember that they signed up I won't be able to send them reminders. Guess it's time to start a paper trail and for now on when a business signs up I need to actually write it down on paper so that this sort of thing NEVER happens again.

I'm bummed that I lost all my images too. If a business sent me banner images they are all gone and now I look stupid when I have to email them asking for them again. Darn! Just another thing gone wrong. Time to recover!

No, that laptop is NOT mine. Mine is happily sitting next to me NOT turning on. *shakes fist*


pickleberries said...

I feel your pain! My lap top pulled the same thing during the holiday rush last year. My first holiday on Etsy and 1000 Markets and my only online access goes on strike. OIY! Thankfully we got it functioning enough to get all my business info off and onto another computer.

dolls123 said...

I can sooooooooooo relate