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Monday, March 2, 2009

Sugarcandie Beauty

I took a leap of faith this past week and ordered from a new bath and body company on Etsy. The pictures are what caught my eye originally. The scrubs looked a lot like my favorite scrub company Isle of Eden and the scent combinations were insane.

Sugarcandie Beauty has totally won me over. The scent combos were very true to the descriptions to what I ordered. My favorite was Double Bubble Bubblegum. This smells just like those green and white mints that are offered at Christmas time. They were colorful and the sprinkles on the top of each scrub were the perfect addeded touch. Also extremely important was the packaging and the labels were all top notch. These look like literally something you could pick up at your favorite bath and body store.

The only thing I wish was different is that there was a tiny little bit more sugar in them. Give me a bit more sugar and I'd be the happiest girl alive. I think all I have to do next time is simply request more sugar and I'll be set. Don't be a fool and rush over to this shop and place your 1st order. That's my little hint - add a little bit more sugar and Sugarcandie Beauty will forever be my number 1 favorite scrub company of all time. I want super scruby and creamy!

Sugarcandie Beauty has also generously allowed me to mention that all 1st time customers can have 30% off a order made either through their Etsy shop or their online website. Simply use code "black30" for your discount. I just noticed to that this week their special is buy 3 scrubs get one free and shipping is only 1 dollar all week long! Guess I'm making another purchase! Yay!


jacjewelry said...

Hmmmm these look good enough to eat!

winkelf said...

Too cute and too yummy looking... my daughter would eat them for sure. ;o)

Corey B said...

Thanks for the tip! I bought a Black Vampire Kiss scrub and it is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!! There is LOTS of sugar so maybe she added some more in after reading your review?

Ricki said...

Based on your post, I had to order. Oh my, am I glad I did. I ordered a scrub in Falling In Love Cupcakes and a Bathwhipp in Blue Hawaiian Sugar Candy (this is a little too sweet to me, but it looks great). I also received sample scrubs in Pink Champagne & Cupcakes and Melting Salty Ice Cream (OMG - I am in LOVE with this scent!). I used the other sample today and it was amazing. The texture was like marshmallow cream with just the right amount of sugar for me and a ton of foaming. My skin feel non-greasy and is lightly scented.