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Tuesday, March 10, 2009


With just a few more days until I brave the size hour car ride with two 6 year olds and a grumpy husband it has left me looking for ideas to keep the kids busy. I'd like to make it to Disneyland in one piece and without a major migraine so I've been searching high and low for activity books, flash cards, and other fun things to keep them out of trouble and focuses on something fun.

I wish I would have thought to search Etsy for fun stuff a week earlier. I stumbled upon Sewcranberry this morning and found this really awesome eco-friendly re-usable activity fabric totes that come already packed with coloring book, crayons, and flash cards. Although I think my kids might be a little old for something like this I think a 4-5 year old would be stoked to get their little bitty hands on it. What a great surprise for that long road trip and more importantly it can be used over and over again. Each time you're loading up the car you just whip out the pack with a new coloring book to keep your child busy.

I love this idea! I love that it's handmade! There's so many crafty ideas out there that people should take advantage of and this is just another one of them. Thanks Sewcranberry for offering something so cool!


Letita said...

This is great and you can have Sewcranberry customize your stuff. So if your kid is older I bet they can change the items it the tote.

I've ordered from Sewcranberry a few times because I love handmade and to give great gifts. The products are always and amazing quality!!

Leslie said...

I too have ordered from sewcranberry and love her stuff. i had my stuff customized for my daughters first birthday party, that helped make it extra special. i am not as talented and did not have the time to create the princess tote bags so the custom bags really helped make my daughters birthday special.