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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Lori's Place Gourmet Delights

I spent a good hour or two yesterday on Etsy going through page and page of listings marking favorites so I would have new stuff to write about. My goal is two new features a day without missing a day, except on the weekends, until April 25th. Can I do it?! Handmade is well and alive in me and my energy has been restored after my vacation so I hope for good things!

The first place I want to mention during my newly found energy is Lori's Place Gourmet Delights. Now, the reason I specifically want to mention this place is because I secretly want one of you to purchase the dozen of decorated butterfly cookies and have them mailed to me. You want to be my friend, right?

All joking aside these cookies look out of this world. The decorating is one of a kind and would make a perfect gift for someone you care about. Maybe you want to impress the people at your Easter gathering with something extra special. These would be the perfect extra added touch and all the kids bouncing around from their already over board sugar high will love you that much more.

I wonder if they need someone to do a taste test with? Kidding.. Ok, maybe not.


Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

Those are more than beautiful! I would almost not want to eat them!

KPP said...

Wow, those are almost too amazing to eat (almost)!

Rebecca said...

the most gorgeous cookies I've ever seen! it seems a shame to eat them- although I am sure they taste great too!:)

Debbie said...

Wow, they are to pretty to eat!!!!

bizzycakes said...

Sooo gorgeous and fun! I totally added the Spider-Man cookie to my wishlist :o