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Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Hookery

Can you believe we've almost made it to Easter? Oh my! It's freakin' April in a few days. Like, wasn't it just Christmas? Time flies when we're having fun and broke! At least we still have time to drool and desire for things that are handmade and lovely. Here's something extra drool-worthy.

I found these neato little Spring/Easter themed finger puppets from a shop on Etsy and when I went back to write about them today they were sold. No fun! Someone else thought they were cool too. No worries, I did a little hunting and found something comparable from The Hookery.

I think these finger puppets would make a wonderful addition to any child's Easter basket. Maybe you don't have a child but you have a teen daughter or girlfriends you like to do a little something special for? You could top a fun flavored lip balm with one of these and you'd have a cheap Easter themed gift.

I love cheap!

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