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Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Today has been whack!

First off my kitty woke me up freaking out at 5 a.m. awake since then. No sleep makes Kimberlee Keane an angry little monster. Then I had to get my living room ready because I purchased a new/used couch and chair for my living room. This set was in a formal living room and was hardly used and I snagged it for $400. Thank you tax refund. Our old couch was shot and super uncomfortable and the new set is adoreable! The pair is micro suede and treated for spills which is extra important with two nearly 7 year old terrors in charge of Casa de Keane. Pictures to follow! Be proud of my amazing find! Oh and yes that's Etsy Art on my wall from MADART. Love their work! *Chair not shown*

Then I've posted before but not too much about my household being ginormous hockey fans. We go to a lot of games and I'm in love with Dan Carcillo of the Phoenix Coyotes. He's like my "free pass" as my husband likes to say. Well, today was hockey trade day and the first bad news of the day was my son's number 1 player was traded to another team and then out of nowhere I get notice on the bottom of the screen saying that my baby was traded too! Out of nowhere! How could they? There wasn't even speculation that it was going to take place. It just hit me out of nowhere and of course I started crying. Silly huh? It's like part of my family was kicked out of my family! I adore Mr. Carcillo and now he's east coast bound.

In honor of my favorite sport I did a little handmade hockey search and wanted to share some of my favorites. If you look down in the lower left hand side of my blog you'll see a running list of some favorites I've marked on Etsy and I marked a few hockey things but my most favorite item has to be the cool hockey puck soaps from Daisycakes Soap. These are sweet!

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