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Friday, March 27, 2009

Dreaming Giggles Designs

When the twins were 1st born people were always coming and going. Everyone wanted to get a sneak peek of them or even just stop by to hold them and all I wanted to do is sleep when they went down for a nap.

New mothers need a lot of sleep in order to function and thanks to Dreaming Giggle Designs for graciously thinking of the moms and moms to be when they created these canvas hand-painted signs that can hang from your front door when you need a time out from visitors!

I wish I would have thought of something like this sooner. I mean, of course the printer paper and black sharpie taped to the door works too but this is just so much cuter! There is one that says, "Shhh Nap Time" and another that says, "Shhh Baby Sleeping."

Overall, I think these are a must have for all mothers and would make an extremely great gift for someone you want to give some peace and quiet.