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Monday, March 23, 2009

Back Home!

Wow, one whole week and I'm finally back. I had a blast with my mom, the boys, and my husband. We stayed at the Howard Johnson right across the street from Disneyland and the drive from Phoenix to Anaheim wasn't that bad at all.

We pulled over a few times to let the twins stretch their legs and grab a snack from the cooler. The secret is packing a cooler with tons of bottle water and string cheese and then grabbing lunch at a Subway along the freeway. $5 dollar foot longs feed our entire family for $15 dollars! Can't beat that!

We arrived nice and early after a 5-6 hour drive and went right to the room and passed out. After a few hours I woke up and took the kids swimming as I was trying to pass time to go to the airport to pick up our mystery guest. My mom forgot her cell phone and was supposed to call when she landed but after a few trips around the pick up area I finally had to get out to use the rest room when I hear her calling my name. Dylan also had to go so he was the 1st to see her and just stood their in confusion and shock when he saw her. It was amazing. Connor was in the car waiting for Dylan to get back in but to his amazement Grandma crawled and Connor accused me of being a trickster. Off to Red Robin for a great meal and then back to the hotel room for Bacardi and Diet Coke's until we passed out.

The next day the lines weren't bad and we managed to fit in Jungle Cruise, Pirate's of the Caribbean, The Haunted Mansion and Splash Mountain. We were only feet from getting on Indiana Jones when Dylan started saying he wasn't feeling so hot and then well suddenly he threw up bucket loads of chocolate milk narrowly missing the ride operator. Great times! Now my mom had this brilliant idea and tried to catch the puke in her hand. (I'm laughing my butt off right now thinking about it!) Now Dylan and Grandma are covered in puke and we didn't get to go on the ride. Oh well!

Back to the hotel for our clan and an easy evening because Dylan remained white as a ghost the rest of the night. No biggie! Nothing takeout pizza and booze can't fix. We had a great 1st day.

Dylan returned to normal the next day and we spent the next 3 days having the times of our life in 1 hour long ride lines. Spring Break and Disneyland DO NOT MIX. Oh well, it was nice having mom there and surprisingly the hubby wasn't that grumpy.

We had a great view of the fireworks from our hotel room and the kids loved watching them night after night starting at 9:25 PST. We stayed 5 nights with my entertainment card for only $250 dollars. Can't beat that! 50% off!

Our last day in California we went to Newport Beach and strolled around before returning to the room for the night. Michael wanted to see the Ducks play so he went off to the hockey game while mom and I took the boys swimming and to Mimi's Cafe.

Of course I cried like a baby when it was time to take mom home. I miss that woman so much. I think the older we get the more we need our parents in our lives. I might have thought I could concur all when I was younger and perhaps maybe I still do but I know without a doubt that my mom makes and keeps my world going around. She's in the starting stages of moving to Arizona and I am counting down the minutes until I can finally have a normal loving mother daughter relationship with that woman.

Glad to be home. Glad to be refreshed. I'm ready to rock and roll this Spring time. Weather is beautiful here! I'm loving life again.


Jeweltrinkets said...

Sounds like a much needed vacation and break! Chocolate milk and all!

jacjewelry said...

Looks like you had a great time - and how wonderful that you got to spend time with your mom!

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

Oh your poor mom and trying to catch it!!

I am so glad y'all had such a fun time though it does sound like you liquored your kids up. *grins*