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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Awesome Feedback I Just Got

I'm thrilled to pieces when I get emails like these. I think I'm going to start posting them to pat myself and all the contributors on the back.

Hi Kim,

I just wanted to write and let you know how much I LOVE this month's black box! The samples were top notch and a great variety of different things. I am in bliss :) I posted my thoughts on the forum hoping to spur others to add on. I was going to do it last month, but never got around to it and was disappointed that no one else did as well. I love reading about what everyone received!

Thanks for all your hard work!

And THANK YOU for being a hard core fan of our cause! Go Indie! I also encourage all of you to post your thoughts on the boxes each month. There was NO feedback last month which is very discouraging to those that donate their items. If you got last month's box give your feedback and make someone smile!


Ricki said...

Hey, I posted my feedback last month! OK, I guess since I am the board mod, I really don't count. LOL So glad to see the boxes getting some love!

abondesonboyce said...

Hey! That's me! What a nice surprise :) Glad to know you appreciate my appreciation!