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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Annie's Sweatshop

How adorable is this shop? Anne's Sweatshop made me ooooohh and awww immediately when I saw the cute little doggy in all their photos and banner advertisements. Calling all dog lovers! You'll want to keep reading for more info about this amazing handmade business.

I won't lie. I've had my eye on a little dog lately. Don't ask me why.. I don't have the time or patience to train but man are those little dogs cute. Plus, Coco Keane needs a friend? Actually, my husband won't allow it and that's ok. Until then I'll just keep sharing all the cute dog finds that I can manage until I convince him otherwise.

You'll find collars, leashes, harnesses, pet clothing, beds, and other accessories at Anne's Sweatshop. The colors and cool patterns of all the items are what really sold me on this shop and made me want to write about them. You will want to show off your cute little friend when it's dressed to the nines! Get shopping!